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Welcome to Vocaloid Headcanons. Because Vocaloids don't really have a character/personality is almost everything is headcanon. Everyone's got different ideas. Why not share them?

You can submit your headcanon to the ask box.

Also, you can submit headcanons for utaus. But I won't accept headcanons for very unpopular utaus.

Lala’s Vocaloid Headcanon

In my opinion, Hatsune Miku and Kaito are actually “real” people from another world. In the “other world”, they’re biological siblings, whose last name is unknown. Their parents are opera singers (are they Prima and Tonio, it’s up to you) who travel around the world after Kaito is old enough to take care of Miku. Kaito is a Producer-to-be who sends his music to the Internet, while Miku is an avid DDR player who has her own machine in her room. Miku wants to be a diva when she grows up.

Kaito and Miku’s neighbors are Rin and Len, with their young mother Lily. Lily’s a busy popstar, so when Rin and Len are left at home, Kaito and Miku’s family are always there for them. Meiko is Kaito’s girlfriend who’s strong but quite dumb when it comes to grades. Later, Kaito will go to music college and will meet Luka. She is quite shy in public but is actually friendly towards Kaito. There’s also Gakupo who is also Kaito’s college buddy.

Later, a group of men in black came into Kaito and Miku’s world. They first capture Meiko, then Kaito, then Miku, and so on. They were later modified into Vocaloids with only the same appearance, voice, and personality.

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Anonymous asked: I know you accept headcanons for fanmade vocaloids. So my question is, which fanmade vocaloids? I mean, there are a lot and I'm almost sure you don't accept headcanons for every one.


You’re right, anon. I don’t accept headcanons for every fan-made VOCALOID. 

This is a list of fan-made I do accept:

  • Neru Akita
  • Haku Yowane
  • Meiko Sakine
  • Miku Hachune
  • Tako Luka
  • Miku Zatsune
  • Dell Honne
  • Genderbends
  • Shion Family 
  • Hagane Vocaloids

I may have forgot some, feel free to ask if you’re not sure if you can submit a headcanon for a vocaloid fan-made that isn’t mentioned on this list.

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